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Gospel Of Sunday 2013,04,21

Author: Antoni BigCuore *

Date: 19/04/2013, Monday 6Time: 16:43 hrs. (P.m.)Gospel according to John, chapter 10, verses 27-30.

SCENARIO: Shepherd, sheep, mercenary and the Trinity of God.

"27As My sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow me. 28Eu give them eternal life, they shall never perish, and no one will steal my hand. 29Meu Father, which gave them me, is greater than all, and no one can snatch from the hand of my Father 30 I AND FATHER ARE ONE. " (1)A. Reflection BigCuore: The text above, leads us to the idea that we are (we are the people of God), the great herd the sheep of God, which is His Church. The mercenary (and how does today, especially in politics), comes to kill, steal and do not have the slightest affection and love for the flock.

JESUS, unlike the mercenary, is the GOOD SHEPHERD! He who gives life, if need be, for his sheep. And that's exactly what happened. In his Passion and Death on the Cross, He embodies everything we have the Old Testament prophets told of Him.He actually gave his life for his sheep!The text also refers us to the idea of ​​the Holy Trinity, ie God is a community of Trinitarian love. God Creator Father, God the Son, Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word and the Holy Spirit, Sanctifier.Jesus says: "I AND THE FATHER ARE ONE" (v.30). For those who do not believe in the Trinity of God, the Evangelist John makes it clear this idea.

These days, my brothers and sisters, it is imperative to seek a lifestyle that is in harmony with the will of God. Question: is that we are doing God's will in our lives? Are we putting God first? Are we able to FORGIVE the sins of our neighbors?God is infinitely good and merciful. HE did not we ever QUIT!. He does not give up the lost sheep, on the contrary, He leaves with 99 health and seeks precisely that which is fragile, sick and neglected in the herd. The Good Shepherd discern priorities and gives accurate care for the weak and oppressed.

May we inspire this text Sunday to gauge how we are conducting our lives in this world so cruel and turbulent. May the Holy Spirit of God, inspire us and always guide us to the right path: the path of love, sharing and solidarity!

Holy Sunday to all (the)!! GOD BLESS YOU IN ABUNDANCE!  Amen!
                           ---------------------------------------------------------------------Source: (1) - Ave Maria Bible, Study Guide, pg.1.706.(*) Author is writer, singer and songwriter in Sao Paulo, SP., Brazil. Access your Living Well Blog - http :/ / (self, spirituality and healthy living). Being read in over 25 countries! (Portuguese / English). Check it out! And / authors / antonibigcuore (over 550,000 hits with almost 2,000 texts: phrases, thoughts, biblical poems, poetry, essays, lyrics, audio book etc..).

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