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GOSPEL OF SUNDAY , 2013, 04, 28

Author: Antoni BigCuore * 
Date: 27/04/2013Time: 10:10 hrs.
Biblical foundation: Gospel of John, chapter 13 verses 31-33-34-35.Scenario: theme TRUE LOVE.

"31Quando Judas left, Jesus said," Now the Son of Man has been glorified, and God is glorified in him also. 32Deus glorify him in himself, and glorify him immediately. ""33Filhinhos: I will be with you only a little longer. Ye shall seek me, and now I say to you what I said to the Jews, Whither I go, ye can not come. 34Eu give you a new commandment: love-EACH OTHER. 35SE you have love for one another, everyone will know that you are my disciples. " (1)

A. BigCuore´s Comment: The central theme of this gospel is LOVE as Jesus understood and preached.Jesus opens the way NEW LOVE. He did not repeal the Law of the Jews (Law of Moses), but he came to perfect it and did so by the way you are and your style of preaching the word of God.Your love is like NEW: "LOVE ONE ANOTHER, AS I WILL LOVED." (34).He came to preach the kingdom not only for the Jews, as they expected, but for all people, including the pagans. (Came to the people of God).

Love never goes out of fashion. Have you ever noticed that? The theme of love always fascinates! The new charms!. And Jesus is the NEW wine, he teaches his disciples the true love. "Giving life for his friends." Feeling the pain of others as his own: that is true love and compassion that Jesus always preached, brings with it whenever the dose of compassion. And we are seeing in the world today? In a society concerned only consume; worried about "social status", with social symbols in exhibitionism (see social networks); fascinated by the technology that is already causing "addiction" especially among young people. Already exist to give you an idea, psychologists specializing in internet-dependent and cell! Freakish!

I've noticed on the subway and in transportation in general, especially young people, with these electronic gadgets: ifone, ipod etc.etc. They look like real zombies, do not care about people who are at their sides. Are not able to start a dialogue with the "other" at his side, not give "good morning", good afternoon, good evening etc.. This is what Pope John Paul II said to be "THE CULTURE OF DEATH".

How about we rescue the true values ​​of love, friendship, affection, the affection, SHARING, finally rescuing what the Master Jesus left us as his greatest legacy: The TRUE LOVE! WHAT IS, SHARING WITH SIMILAR! Worrying about the other; take as its also another's pain; being supportive, friend, companion, even their own children, because the family is where everything begins right or wrong.

How about we start within our own church? Where we note that there is much love between even ministers of the Eucharist, which I notice even people "fighting" for a piece of power within the church of Christ. This is not love! It is PURE HYPOCRISY!, As well as the current Pope said Francis I.

Issue a challenge here: we change our ATTITUDE in everyday life? Let's build or restore the true church of Christ? The beginning? It begins on the day, changing our individual attitudes inadequate. Come on?

A holy and happy Sunday to all, living as Jesus lived: LOVING ALL WITHOUT DISTINCTION OF RACE, COLOR OR SOCIAL LEVEL! Shalom!

(1) Bible Pauline, pastoral edition, page 1375.(2) (*) Author is Writer and Communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole planet. Access his BLOG LIVE WELL - http:// antonibigcuore.blogspot.com and www.recantodasletras.com.br / authors / antonibigcuore
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