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Ego And Psyche. How to Reconcile Both

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Antoni BigCuore*

Date : 9/27/2013 , Saturday 6th at 19.49 hrs .The greatest good to which all people aspire is happiness ! . Since ancient times , happiness has been the great quest of the human being .But one ask arises: how to reconcile the needs of the ego with the human psyche ?The difficulty in conducting our personality is reconcile the requirements of EGO , with the human psyche . The ego does not want to suffer, just wants pleasure, always high self-esteem , social status , arrogance , vanity , eagerness to show ; ( exhibitionism , see social networks ! ) , Power and money for great achievements materials , including , for sex, etc. .

While the true psyche wants HAPPINESS , one born from a pure heart , transparent , always willing to WAIVE THE THINGS OF THE WORLD LARGEST for a well , GOOD THAT COMES FROM ABOVE , true and lasting happiness ! It nourishes the immutable values ​​: honesty, sensitivity , ethics, respect , love , friendship , solidarity , brotherhood , citizenship , cultural values ​​, etc. .

The most striking example happened to St. Augustine . He , while not converted to Christianity , was a man of the world . Concerned only with the demands of his ego . Of both his mother, St. Monica , pray for their conversion , there one day passing in front of a church where St. Ambrose made ​​his homily , he was touched by the word of God , and thereafter became a new creature ! .He composed this beautiful prayer to Jesus , clearly demonstrating that the aspirations of his psyche , ( abandoned , so the demands of his ego ) was the shortest way to your happiness .He says: "O Jesus Christ , loving Lord , why in all my life , loved , why I wanted another treasure but You ?

Where was I when I did not think about You ? Ah ! That, at least , from this moment my heart just want to Thee and for Thee is abrase , Lord Jesus ! Desires of my soul , correi , already quite tardastes ; make haste for the purpose for which aspire , seek Him in truth you seek . O JESUS ​​CHRIST , who is not anathema Vos Vos ama.Aquele not love be full of sorrows "( 1 )

The large TREASURE , your psyche aspired , was so close to him . Was inside or in your heart , which is the seat of good and evil purposes . But Augustine had no clear perception of this new reality , which later found it.The logic of the world , called the " system " that governs the Nations, is the big seller of illusions to the human ego at the expense of true happiness that is born and develops inside the human soul . ( predominance therefore the psyche ) .

The human being has been transformed by the system, a simple "animal consumer." Note that we are not against stocks of goods , not even God himself . What God wants , in fact , is that there SOCIAL JUSTICE , ie the goods are shared with everyone because we are all children of one God and this world , nobody takes anything! Or leads ?

Source : ( 1 ) - The Great Promise , pg . 44 , Publisher of The Divine Mercy , Belo Horizonte - MG( * ) Author is writer and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet . Meet his Living Well Blog - http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com.br and his poetic link : www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore

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