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Lent, Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Conversion - 3

Antoni BigCuore *

Changed: 03.05.2019
Reissued: 26.02.2020
Location: São Paulo, SP., Brazil

JESUS, the Master of all masters, “The Best of the Best”, when asked, by Pedro, his main disciple, about how many times he should forgive, if seven times seven, the Master replied: “I will not tell you until seven times, but up to seventy times seven ”.

Seven for Jews is a perfect and infinite number! Imagine you, reader, seventy times seven (it is not four hundred and ninety, as we think in Portuguese). It was an infinite number!
This uttered from the Master's mouth, from all teachers, Jesus!
You reader must be thinking ... but this is very difficult, especially today.

But this is really a challenge! But therein lies the merit for those who forgive. Win the gold medal in the spiritual life championship !.
FORGIVING IS NEEDED! Above all, for the sake of intelligence. For it is scientifically proven that hurt, anger, hatred, resentment and unforgiveness are behind hundreds of psychosomatic illnesses.

FORGIVING IS PROFIT IN HEALTH !. Forgive my brother and sister, as many times as necessary, but forgive from the heart and not from the outside !. If you have trouble forgiving, ask God to give you that grace. You will see that in time, you will be able to forgive with your heart and you will feel an incredible sense of peace and liberation!

Experience my brother and sister. Plant forgiveness in your heart; act with the water of mercy and the blood of the Lamb.
In doing so, you will be accumulating huge dividends in your heavenly savings.

The more you forgive, the more free you become !. Inner liberation, the most pleasant sensation that exists for a person's inner dynamics (DININ). The word forgive in Latin, PER + DONATE, means to get rid of everything that is heavy, bad; get rid of the burden that we carry on our backs and hearts. On the other hand, it is to DONATE what you have good to others. In the case at hand, it is to forgive the offenses that, eventually, someone caused you. Do the experiment!

All of this has the name EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE, which the Master of all teachers, JESUS, preaches to us in his gospels.

The Book of Ecclesiastical, Article 28, verses 1 to 5, says very wisely: Whoever takes revenge will suffer the Lord's vengeance, who will severely ask him for an account of his sins. ”

“Forgive the injustice your neighbor has done, and when you ask, God will also forgive the sins you have committed. If a man holds a grudge against another, how can he ask God to heal him? If you do not show mercy to your fellow man, how dare you ask for forgiveness of your own sins? If he, who is flesh, holds a grudge, who will forgive his sins? ”
Wise words from the Bible !. There is no need to add anything !.


Today, on the Catholic liturgical calendar, LENT begins today, a very special time of CONVERSION, forgiveness, fasting, almsgiving, reconciliation and joy as well. It is not a time, as the ancients said, of sadness, a frown, a bad mood. It is a matter of joy, without losing its real sense of life change. Get out of a life of addictions to a life of virtues!

 It is a time to think about our relationship with God, with others and with nature.
I suggest some practical things we can do to please God. Fasting from “gossip”, cigarettes, coffee, chocolate, soap operas, television, cell phones, internet (even if it is one day a week), drink, in short, consciously RESIGN to something we like very much , and we offer this SACRIFICE to God, as a remedy for the sins committed by humanity to his Most Sacred Heart; it is an act of love, of faith, of reconciliation!

I now remembered the Prophet Isaiah, in chapter 58, verses 6 to 8, says: “The fast I want is this: to end unjust imprisonments, to undo the chains of the yoke, to release the oppressed and to break any yoke; sharing food with those who are hungry, hosting the homeless poor in their home, dressing the naked, and not closing in on their own people. If you do this, your LIGHT WILL SHINE like AURORA, your wounds will heal quickly, the justice you practice will go before you and the glory of Yahweh will come with you ”. ( 1 )

Author is writer, friend of well. Acess his link in the Recanto das Letras: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore

domingo, 23 de fevereiro de 2020



Antoni BigCuore*

Date: 23.02.2020, Sunday at 09:53 hrs
Location: São Paulo, SP., Brazil
The readings of this 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time are very interesting and challenging.

God proposes to us today, the challenge of HOLINESS. Unlike what our evangelical brothers understand, in the human dimension, “holy” is the one who comes closest to God. He is a virtuous person who seeks to IMITATE Jesus' lifestyle.

In the first reading of the Book of Leviticus, 19, he makes this very clear. The Lord God saying to Moses: "You shall say to the whole assembly of Israel the following: Be holy, for I, the Lord your God, am holy." ( 1 )
In today's Gospel, in Matthew, 5,38-48, Master Jesus REJECTS the law of the talion, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. He exhorts his disciples to be perfect. "BE PERFECT AS WELL AS YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS PERFECT".

Jesus advocates UNCONDITIONAL LOVE !!!. If we want to have his disciples, we must renounce ourselves, take up our daily cross and follow Him.

Is easy? Of course not !, but not impossible !. "Everything is possible for those who believe".
Of course, we will never be perfect. But, we must face the reading, especially of Leviticus, in the sense that an IDEAL is being pursued. A goal!

Thus, we will try, on a daily basis, to be better. Avoiding sin and cultivating virtue, this is the way to seek perfection.

The "saints" of our Christian Catholic Church, were SPECIAL people who, thanks to their lifestyle, came closest to God !!! Strictly speaking, it is clear that HOLY AND PERFECT IS ONLY GOD !!!

Let us try to be better people, FORGIVING offenses that are almost daily addressed to us. Following Jesus is not easy, but the reward from Heaven motivates us and gives us the strength to pursue the ideal of perfection!

Loving more, forgiving more, being generous, just, we will still be able, in this life, to have the consolation of the Holy Spirit of God !.
Happy and holy Sunday! God bless you always!
(*) author is a writer, and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet. Know and publicize his BLOG WELL LIVING BRAZIL - antonibigcuore.blogspot.com (self-knowledge, spirituality and healthy life).
(1) Pauline Bible, pastoral edition, page 136.

Smile Today, Because Tomorrow Will Be Better


Antoni BigCuore *
Date: 21.02.2020, Friday, at 14:44 hrs.
Location: São Paulo, SP., Brazil
Quantum physics explains the importance of faith in curing diseases, including cancer.

The smile, a simple gesture that God created, but which, unfortunately, nowadays is increasingly in disuse, is a great tool for the cure, even of cancer.

The smile stimulates the PINEAL GLAND to release hormones of well-being and relaxation, like, melatonin (sleep hormone), serotonin, dopamine, endorphins.

The popular aphorism says, EQUAL ATTRACT !!!

Positive thinking attracts positive things. The reverse is also true, negative thinking attracts negative things.

So, a question arises: why not EXERCISE OUR MIND to face reality, however acidic, to think and assume POSITIVE ATTITUDES? The positive mental attitude makes reality and our life less harsh and more bearable. It is a matter of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE !!! Don't forget, SADNESS DOES NOT PAY DEBT.

I give my personal testimony. After taking so much life, I learned, reading even good books, (especially the Bible) that it is possible to BE HAPPY, simply by controlling our mind. (Changing our mentality in relation to our own life and social reality) .

It's a matter of exercise !!! Changing habits isn't really easy, but it's not impossible! Try it and you will see wonderful things happen in your life.


(*) author is a writer, friend of good and disseminator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet.
Get to know his BLOG BEM VIVER BRAZIL - antonibigcuore.blogspot.com (self-knowledge, spirituality and healthy living).

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Meio Ambiente: Enchente e Corrupção.!!!


Antoni  BigCuore*

Data: 10.02.2020, 2afeira,às 14:12 horas

Local: São Paulo,SP.,Brasil

Moro em São Paulo, desde 1965.  Diga-se de passagem, para ser mais preciso, desembarquei na Estação Júlio Prestes, vindo de trem de minha cidade natal, Ourinhos,SP.

Era dia 04 de janeiro de 1965. Chovia a cântaros. Morava numa travessa da Rua do Gasômetro, rua Mons.de Andrade, e cansei de ver enchentes avassaladoras, desde então!!!( eu mesmo andei com agua pelo peito até chegar à minha casa).

Políticos irresponsáveis sempre existiram. Porisso, que o nosso País os problemas são empurrados “com a barriga”, como se diz na gíria. Não existe vontade política (com honrosas exceções) para se resolver os problemas da comunidade.

Em 2.009 estive em viagem à Itália, por quinze dias, e na cidade de Ábano, notei uma coisa simples mas que funciona. Ao redor de cada árvore pública (nas calçadas), tem um retângulo de mais ou menos 2 metros de cumprimento por 0,5 ou 0,75 mts. De largura no “pé” da árvore. Sabe para que? Naquele espaço a Prefeitura planta grama (para evitar lama) e quando chove a água penetra no solo.

Uma coisa bem simples, mas que funciona!. Vocês já imaginaram, se na cidade de São Paulo, todas as árvores das calçadas tivessem este pequeno retângulo plantado grama, onde as águas das chuvas pudessem penetrar?

Estou convencido de que, uma grande parte da solução para as enchentes, estaria resolvida. Uma coisa bem simples, mas que, infelizmente, nossos “administradores”, NÃO pensam ou não interessa tal solução, pois o que eles fariam com o asfalto?

A cidade de São Paulo, onde vivo desde janeiro de 1965, está quase que totalmente IMPERMEABILIZADA! Tudo asfaltado, cimentado etc. O que acontece? Quando caem as chuvas que nem a dessa madrugada, a cidade para quase que completamente!!!

Quando o Hadd era prefeito, chegou ao cúmulo, aqui na avenida Eng.Caetano Álvares, no bairro do mandaqui, a DIMINUIR o canteiro central, onde as pessoas costumam fazer suas caminhas ( inclusive eu) ampliando a faixa cimentada e diminuindo a porção de terra que absorve as aguas das chuvas!!!

Incrível a burrice ou interesse econômico de seu partido?. Não sei a motivação. O que sei é de tal medida é de uma burrice TOTAL!!!
Infelizmente, as forças corruptas deste País, continuam mais VIVAS do que nunca!. A sociedade que sofre todo o prejuízo!!!
Até quando a nossa paciência aguenta, Catalina???

(algumas empresas conscientes e preocupadas com o meio ambiente estão fazendo o que relatei acima. Na própria avenida Eng.Caetano Alvares, eu notei uma que constava na fachada do edifício, uma bom espaço entre as árvores para a absorção da água. Imagine se fosse adotado em toda a cidade de São Paulo, mediante lei municipal, tal providência? . Poder-se-ia pensar nisso!. Com a palavra os nossos “valorosos” vereadores!!!)